Automatic HHO circuit breaker fuse 30A

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Automatic Circuit Breaker Fuse 30A
100%  high quality
Leakage protection & overload protection
Good conductivity and  high temperature resistance



Automatic HHO circuit breaker fuse 30A is for the protection of overloading your HHO generator. Protects also the charging system of overloading.

Applicable to: When the vehicle is equipped with an HHO kit, it is used to protect the line. Recoverable insurance automatically disconnects the protection circuit when the current reaches a predetermined value.
The difference between ordinary insurance is the following three points:
1. Its sensitivity is very high, can protect circuit electrical appliances in time
2. After disconnecting and troubleshooting, it can be manually resumed and used manually.
3. It can control high current circuit Features: 100% high-quality.

Leakage protection, overload protection Good conductivity and craftsmanship, high-temperature resistance.

Instructions for use:
1.If you need to disconnect manually, you can press the manual disconnect button, do not forcibly open the reset wrench, or it will cause the shaft to break.
2.When the power is on; the rated current is reached or closed, the circuit breaker will automatically disconnect. This fuse uses the principle of thermal induction, so when disconnected, the fuse is not measured by the rated current.
3.After manual disconnection, push the reset button, and it can be reset. After the automatic disconnection and the fuse has cooled, you can push the reset button to reset.

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm