save fuel

Fuel Saving

You can save fuel & reduce monthly expense up to 35%

carbon free

Engine Carbon Free

Increased burning efficiency prevents carbon build up

reduce CO2

Lower emissions

You can decrease smoke & emissions down to 78%

How does the HHO kit work?

By using the extra power of your vehicle’s alternator, we break the bonds between the water molecules. Practically we produce gas from the water – Oxy-Hydrogen, also called HHO gas.

HHO gas is the most potent and calorific fuel in nature. When the produced HHO gas goes to the air-fuel mixture of any Internal Combustion Engine, we make the combustion of fossil fuels such as Petrol, Diesel, LPG, or CNG more complete and efficient.

As a result, you get fewer emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

Saving fuel expenses up to 35%

The average fuel saving of measured vehicles is 22%

Reducing emissions up to 78%

Reduced emisions will allow you pass any emission test and never worry about clogged DPF

Active Carbon Cleaner

HHO gas burns in total all carbon particles and keeps your engine carbon-free

Reducing engine noise

Quicker burning of the fossil fuels reduce dramatically the noise in the engine

Reducing engine wearing

Less carbon in the engine oil means less wearing, which means a longer engine lifespan

Total Dynamic automation

Fully automated HHO generators by our Dynamic PMW developed and patented by Hydrox Systems

green hydrogen system

Use our HHO Kit Advisor to choose the right HHO Kit for your vehicle!

We will reply within 24 hours!

2 Year Warranty

We have you covered with 24 months of warranty! Providing also after-warranty spare parts!

Worldwide shipping

We work with all major companies for worldwide shipping like DHL, TNT, DPD, PostOne, etc.

Full online support

You are not alone during installation! We provide full online support!

100% Quality

We use most realiable and 100% certified materials and components to ensure high quality!

Developing and Innovation is our passion. An efficient ECO solution is our mission.


We have done thousands of tests to select the right materials, increase efficiency, use different designs, and use different approaches to make the best HHO Generators. We have tested each HHO Generator in real & extreme conditions!

We have developed our own control electronic device – Dynamic PWM
Our systems are totally automated and energy-optimized thanks to this invention!

We are manufacturing HHO Generators & HHO systems for light vehicles, trucks, buses, sailing vessels, agri-machinery, power gensets, and heating boilers for more than 10 years!

Now the most reliable and efficient Emissions Reduction & fuel-saving technology is available on the market for you!


Hydrox Systems is a European-based company established in 2010. The company is dedicated to the research & development of hydrogen and oxy-hydrogen fuel-saving systems and emission reduction technologies. We manufacture HHO generators for all types of internal combustion engines – Cars, Vans, Buses, Trucks, Boats, Agri Machinery, Building Machinery, Power Genset,  and heating boilers.


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