HHO Tank 1.4 liters with Push In fittings

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HHO Tank for your project with a total volume of 1.4 liters and 3 Push-In fitting connectors.

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Our HHO Tank is suitable for all HHO systems
Made compact especially for HHO kits for all light vehicles where the space is limited
Total volume is 1.4 liter
Our HHO tank has 3 Push-In fittings for a hose with standard PA 6,11 or 12
The size of the hose must be 8 mm. outwardly
Made from flame-retardant plastics
Resistant to all substrates, basis
Ensure quality without unwanted leaks of
HHO gas or electrolyte, due to the EPDM gasket inside the cap, which is also produced by Hydrox Systems!
There is availability for water level sensor in front or on the side, it does not matter left or right side! You can choose to add a water level sensor during your order from the folding menu.

We have tested our tank at 2 bar pressure. Also in real conditions near the engine where is quite hot and we did not notice any defect after 1 year of usage!

Quality is our first priority!

We offer Discounts for quantity!

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Weight 1,0 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm