Fuel Saving
Engine Carbon Free
Lower Emissions

Developing and innovation is our passion.
An efficient ECO solution is our mission.

HHO system benefits

  • Saving fuel expenses up to 35%
  • Reducing emissions up to 78%
  • Reducing engine wearing
  • Reducing engine noise
  • Cleans the engine of carbon deposits
  • Fully automated hydrogen systems
    controlled by our Dynamic PWM

How does HHO kit work?

By using the extra power of your vehicle alternator, we break the bonds between the molecules of the water. We practically produce gas from water, the most potent fuel in nature – Oxy-Hydrogen.

HHO gas is potent and calorific. When the produced HHO gas goes to the air-fuel mixture of any Internal Combustion Engine, we make the combustion of fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG more complete and efficient. As a result, you get fewer emissions and reduced fuel consumption.


Installed Systems

Real people, real stories. Hear from our community.

Scott McGreager

I was very suspicious at the beginning after I saw some videos on the web that tells me there is no possibility to get fuel saving. Everybody was explaining the laws of physics, but something was pushing me to buy an HHO Generator to try myself. I found Hydrox Systems. They seemed to be making the right products. I ask them a few questions, and I liked the answers they gave me, so I decided to buy from this company my first HHO kit.
My car is VW Touran 2.0 TDI, and I installed the HHO Kit myself after reading two times the manuals. Of course, I had some difficulties with programming the Dynamic PWM for diesel, but they support me via chat, so I did it in 5 minutes or less. About the results, I can say a 25% reduction in fuel spending is impressive, especially when I make 35K-40K miles per year. I was a little worried about passing the MOT, regarding the emissions, cause the previous check they had told me that maybe next time my car won’t pass the emission test. I was surprised, cause there were no emissions or so low that I could not believe it! I’m delighted! Keep doing what you do, mates! Cheers!

happy customer

Dieter Müller

Hello Truckers, I was very keen to save fuel on my truck, Actros. I found this company as a reliable, and I have ordered kit HS 16 000, after two weeks I received the HHO Kit for my truck. I thought that I have to assemble part by part, but I received it assembled in a box. My only job was to attach the box to the truck and connect wires and one hose. The whole installation took me about few hours because I want it to secure everything. After all, there are lots of vibrations over the truck chassis usually. The support in Hydrox Systems helped me to set up the Dynamic PWM’s of the HHO kit. Previous consumption was 28 liters per 100 km now is 25 liters per 100km on average. On average, I save fuel 450-500 liters per month, which is good. Also, I feel some more torque when I’m climbing with 20-22 tons of load. I see there is even less spending of AdBlue liquid, maybe, because the HHO gas improves the burning of diesel fuel. I would recommend every fleet company use these HHO kits for trucks because there are lots of benefits!