HHO water reservoir perfect for your HHO projects with a volume of 1.4 liters, which is enough for all car/van HHO Dry cells.
We manufacture here in Europe a reservoir suitable for all HHO kits. We made of Polyethylene High Density (PEHD), which makes it very reliable and heat resistant.


The HHO reservoir has mounting ears, which makes your job more comfortable in a matter of installation in any light vehicle in the world. This reservoir comes without any holes or connectors. The HHO Reservoir has enough thickness of its wall, so you make threads.
You can make holes and threads by yourself very quickly, based on your needs and the connectors you have. No need to use any glue for the hose connectors. Because, in any way, no glue is sustainable on the electrolyte made of NaOH or KOH poured into the water.
In front of the reservoir, there is a flat place to mount a water level indicator, which can indicate to you when the level is lower. Respectively, it could be connected to a buzzer or diode to show you when it needs electrolyte.
The material of the reservoir is PEHD, and the cap is of Polyamide material.
The cap has an EPDM rubber seal, which ensures no leaks of HHO gas or liquid.
We have decided to make the reservoir this volume, based on our personal experience because, in a matter of installation in most vehicles, we can not fit a bigger one.
If you are in the HHO field of business, you may need HHO Reservoirs.
We make also discount for quantities!

Additional information

Weight 1,0 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm