Dry Cell HSLG 3000

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Dry Cell HSG 3000 is the quite compact version of Dry cell for 12V, suitable for engines between 2000cc and 3000cc


Dry Cell HSLG 3000

Dry Cell HSLG 3000 is an oxy-hydrogen generator designed for diesel and petrol engines with engine displacement from 2000cc to 3000cc. Of course, it operates with a 12V charging system, like most light vehicles. We sell it separately because some of our customers need only a Dry cell, or they need it as a spare part or would like to use our HHO Generator.

How we made it?

We laser-cut precisely Stainless Steel plates with Titanium in ingredients in this steel to prevent rust inside the HHO generator.

End plates are made of PPHD material, which is insulative material, and also, it’s sustainable on acids and bases. Most importantly, this material is hard and solid in twisting, pressure, tension, temperature, etc.

The gaskets for the Dry Cell HSLG 3000 are made of a custom recipe of ingredients close to EPDM, but our gaskets are dielectric. They have met specific requirements for hardness, tensile strength, temperature, and resistance to acids and bases.

The materials mentioned above are essential in quality matters to prevent problems like electrolyte leaks.

For easy connection, we mount Push In fittings, which are movable 360 degrees, so this is very comfortable during the installation in the engine bay, where the space is limited. All bolts are 10-15 mm. longer, so we use them for attaching the HHO generator with metal holders to the vehicle’s chassis. Make sure it’s like that because, in cars, we have a lot of vibrations during movement.

Technical Data of the Dry cell

Dimensions of the HHO cell: 100 mm x 100 mm x  130 mm (incl. the connectors)
Control is one of the essential elements in a particular system if we want to have efficiency.
Voltage: 12 – 14.4 VDC (from vehicles battery)
Material: steel INOX 316L SS
Configuration of the plates: – NNNN + NNNN – NNNN + NNNN –
(+ positive, N-neutral, – negative)
Amperage: 3 to 30 Amp
Working surface: 1458 sq. cm
Capacity: up to 2 LPM @ 20 amps
The required ratio of the electrolyte (water-KOH): 5%-15%
Hose connectors: Push-In type
Recommended hose: PA12 – 8mm. outwardly 

Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm