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Yes, HHO gas is the most potent calorific fuel on our planet. HHO typically refers to a hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture from water electrolysis in a ratio of 2 to 1. HHO gas increases burning efficiency in internal combustion engines. A mixture of regular carbon fuel and HHO can improve fuel efficiency and significantly reduce emissions.
While the Oxy-hydrogen gas generated by the HHO Kit has a high calorific value, many scientists have proven the practicality of using HHO gas generated through water electrolysis in internal combustion engines to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions over the last few decades.
Yes, of course! The HHO Generator produces HHO gas, a supportive fuel in all internal combustion engines. Using a small amount of gas improves the burning efficiency of the regular fuel.
HHO is a chemical abbreviation of Oxy-hydrogen gas. The HHO is usually in a ratio of 2 to 1 in the water, which is how nature created it!
HHO is a flammable gas with a high calorific value! Enriching the air-fuel mixture in any internal combustion engine improves the burning efficiency. As a result, we have a better burning process with much lower emissions and fuel savings, which is achieved by releasing more mechanical power.
Oxy-hydrogen, possessing a high calorific value, is a flammable gas! Augmenting the air-fuel blend within any internal combustion engine enhances combustion efficiency. This leads to a superior burning process characterized by reduced emissions and fuel consumption, yielding greater mechanical power output.
Yes, HHO improves gas mileage! It is a highly calorific fuel invented by God, who put a lot of energy into it! All internal combustion engines do not burn their regular fuel efficiently, and the HHO is a catalyst that helps to increase the efficiency. As a result, there is improved mileage and reduced greenhouse gases at the end of the exhaust pipe. All these results can be easily proven by monitoring the fuel spending before and after the installation of the Hydrogen system and measured by a gas analyzer and opacimeter.
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