Carbon Cleaner Pro 30

Carbon Cleaner Pro 30 is a decarbonizing machine that will reduce emissions down to 78% of your vehicle
in just 30 minutes!

Suitable for all engines up to 24 000cc
Operating at 380V AC
Adjustable output 0-30LPM
Perfect for mobile service in a van
Cheapest consumable ever

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Carbon Cleaner Pro 30

Carbon Cleaner Pro 30 is a decarbonizing machine, which produces oxy-hydrogen gas. We need to use 380V AC from the power net and an electrolyte, which is the machine’s consumable. The produced HHO gas is fed to the air-filter box when the engine runs. The engine’s vacuum took it via your vehicle’s air intake system into the cylinders of your engine. When it burns there, it combines with the carbon particles and becomes hydrocarbon fuel again.  This process practically needs temperature to happen, so combining elements eats temperature instead of creating temperature. Adding HHO gas to the regular air-fuel mixture actually lowers the temperature in any internal combustion engine’s cylinders since it burns faster. Even the oxy-hydrogen is quite calorific fuel. The good aspect of all is that oxy-hydrogen is the cleanest fuel because it does not have carbon molecules. We have burnt the carbon soot over certain engine parts, so as a result, you will get:

1. Smoother engine
2. Reduced emissions by 78%
3. Less noise
4. Fewer vibrations
4. Reduced engine wearing
5. Extended oil change period
6. More responsiveness
7. Prevent many carbon problems, like clogging of the diesel particulate filter, clogging EGR valve, clogging air-intake pipes, clogged or eventually damaged swirl flaps, catalytic converter, etc.

The whole process takes 20-60 minutes!
Just connect the two clamps of the machine to the battery pins of your vehicle. Then put the end of the gas hose to the air filter box.
You can set the time from the countdown timer, so just
start the Carbon Cleaner Pro 15 machine and get a coffee and wait!
Then enjoy the best driving experience!

Carbon Cleaning is a process that helps you burn carbon deposits more efficiently in any internal combustion engine.
The process is also called “decarbonization.”

Carbon Cleaner is a registered brand of highly professional Engine carbon cleaning machines we manufacture. We offer Carbon Cleaner Pro machines operating on 12V DC, 110, 220, and 380VAC.
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Additional information

Weight 170.00 kg
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 80 cm