what kit do I need for my car

What HHO Kit do I need for my car?

What HHO Kit do I need for my car?

What HHO kit should I buy?

You have already decided to buy an HHO system. Many questions pop up in your mind:
What kind of HHO kit do I need for my car?
Should I choose a wet cell or dry cell kit?
Maybe the cheapest HHO kit on the market?
Do I need PWM to control the kit?
Do I need simulators for my car?
Can I install the HHO kit myself?
Do I need help with the installation?
Should I look for free shipping?

And many other questions like that:

Practically, if you are willing to make the right choice, you will have to research on the web. There are many sellers in the internet market. All of them making a better and better offer for you and waving “The Best” offer in your face!

Of course, not all of them are producers. So, you better determine who is producing, installing, and who is knowledgeable to answer all your technical questions. Someone that can explain to you how this is working and what is the technology, etc. Someone who is experienced. Not only with light vehicles but with other machinery like trucks, buses, boats, gensets, etc. So, this will ensure you that can help you with real support with knowledge. In case you call over the phone, email, or any messenger.

Since you are not a professional in this field, it’s almost 100% that you will need support! Remember that the HHO kit is not like iPhone to just put your sim card and use it. For sure you will need some support of course.
It is not easy to choose which company will help you with this decision.
Be careful of too good offers, of course, the price matters, but a cheap HHO kit will give you a more disappointed feeling than the celebration of the “best deal” you have made!

If you need something, which is working well in the future, definitely this must be a quality HHO Kit. Quality products, usually cost more, in some cases 2-3 or more times more expensive. For example, the last Apple iPhone is very expensive, but the quality is much more than the price when you are using it for few years without any troubles, so the value you receive is more than the money you paid. The same is with the HHO kit which has quality! You will receive more value in the future than you paid for the kit.

Another important thing is to find reviews for the exact product or brand, so you can see other’s peoples opinion about. Of course, there are always some haters, there is always some negative people who say some bad opinions, just because their world is grey. This is a way of life, so it’s their own choice, cause happiness is a choice, but technically this does not matter that much. Fortunately, always some people can see the color world, so they have an objective opinion as users.

Remember also, that in most forums, some blogs, there are also „trolls” who play the role of so-called “influencers”, who are trying to change your opinion or decision.

My advice is to read quality opinions from people who are real users of an exact product! After you choose 2 or 3 sellers of HHO kits you like, the next step is to contact them and ask what system you need for your vehicle.

Provide the seller the details of your vehicle, such as brand, model, year, diesel or petrol, if it’s petrol, mention if there is LPG or CNG system, any other modifications. Of course, what is the engine displacement of your engine, how many Amps is the alternator of your vehicle and how many cylinders does it have.

Based on this information, the sellers should be able to advise you better what model HHO kit you need, why you need this model, what control device (PWM) you may need, extras like indicators for a low level of electrolyte inside the car, security, some simulators for different sensors, shipping method, warranty, support, manuals for installation, does it freeze during wintertime at minus temperatures, what is the lifespan of the device. All those questions are very important!

Always ask questions, so based on the answers you will make the right decision!
Remember, cheap HHO kits will never give you quality and value! As I always say “Ford is a great vehicle, but most people prefer Mercedes” Maybe there is a reason why it is like that…!

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