hho kit with pwm for diesel

How does the HHO kit work?

How does the HHO kit work?

Extremely important question!

Technology is not a secret science. Electrolysis is an electrochemical reaction. I guess many of you heard about electrolysis in high school already in the chemistry classes. The HHO dry cell is the electrolyzer, which is producing HHO gas. The electrolyzer made of Stainless steel plates, separated by gaskets with exact space between them. They have holes inside certain places so the electrolyte can go through. To produce HHO gas, you need to have two components:

  1. Electrolyte for the system – this is consumable for operation.
  2. Electrical power from the charging system of the vehicle 12.0-14.4V DC or 24.0-29.0V DC or any power supply that can give you 12 or 24V

HHO Kit looks like the one on the picture:

It has an HHO reservoir, HHO dry cell, and HHO bubbler. The first two items connect each other with two hoses. One is to fill the dry cell with electrolyte, and the other is to return the produced HHO gas to the reservoir. The lower hose releases an electrolyte to the bottom of the HHO Dry cell. When it starts working and producing HHO gas, which is lighter than the electrolyte, the gas is going back to the reservoir with some amount of the electrolyte. This way, the electrolyte is circulating between the tank and the dry cell. Same like here in the video:



Then, the HHO gas is separating from the electrolyte, and from the top connector of the HHO reservoir is going to the bubbler, where it will be purified of rough steam. There might be some steam after a few hours of operation. Keep in mind that water vaporizing even at 20 degrees temperature. We are now sure that only gas is going into the engine’s intake. Also, the HHO bubbler works in the role of a flash-back arrestor in case a spark from the engine’s intake returns to the system.

The electrolyte usually made of pure water and Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) or Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

You can make it also by adding Soda bicarbonate or white vinegar. There might be some odor of vinegar, and the Soda is vaporizing, becoming powdery, and blocking the gas hoses. We recommend the usage of KOH or NaOH. Both chemicals KOH and NaOH are usually on flakes with purity at least 90%

KOH or NaOH flakes dissolve very well into the water.

The chemicals create more conductivity in the water. When the water is more conductive, the electrical current could pass much faster.

How does the HHO kit work? When we release voltage to the HHO dry cell, electrons practically passing through the electrolyte and the Stainless Steel plates and have current. The electrons are going from the positive plate to the negative plate. Between the positive and negative plates, there are also neutral SS plates. There must be at least 1.5-2.0V DC between every two plates, and the process starts. The electrons are breaking up the bonds between the molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen, so those elements got split. When they split up, they become in gaseous form. They are separated particles and become a homogenous mixture of 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen, so-called HHO.

When the HHO gas is formed in the HHO dry cell, on the way to the reservoir, where it is separated from the electrolyte is also pushing some amount of the electrolyte. This way is circulating by itself and does not need any pump to help circulation.  As the voltage in most light vehicles is 12-14.4V DC and it’s limited to use higher energy. If we need to produce more gas, it will be with more load (Amps), of course. By adjusting the Amps, we produce more gas. More amps mean more gas per minute but do not overload the HHO dry cell. If you put too many amps (load) on the HHO dry cell, it will heat up too much, and the electrolyte will start boiling.  Respectively will vaporize more electrolyte. Simply it will spend more electrolyte.

Remember that we are using electrical power from the charging system of the vehicle, which is limited as well.

How does the HHO kit work and produce HHO gas? It’s really simple, isn’t it?!

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