HHO Truck Bus Kits

HHO Truck Bus Kits designed by Hydrox Systems saving fuel and lower emissions of your diesel truck or bus! Kits installed in a metal box, so you can easily install them on your truck or bus! Fully automated for your convenience!

They are in two different lines:
HHO Truck Kit and HHO Bus Kit

HHO Truck Kit has two models-vertical and horizontal. Depending on the available space for installation on the truck. The kit runs for long hours every day, sustainable on vibrations and different temperature ranges. Fully automated with Dynamic PWM’s

HHO Bus Kit has two models – for 12 and 24V charging systems. Designed to operate at extended hours and has an integrated cooling fan. Fully automated Plug N Play system Dynamic PWM’s

The installation of an HHO Car Kits does not physically touch the engine nor the fuel tank. These devices do not require any approval from the authorities nor a registration process or agreement from an insurance company. No legislation prohibits the use of hydrogen generators for cars in Europe or around the World. There is no need for special approvals for our HHO Generators, simply because they are considered as fuel savers that do not change the characteristics of the vehicle.