HHO Boat Kits

HHO Boat kits

HHO Boat Kits designed by Hydrox Systems saving fuel
and lower emissions to your fleet of boats, barge, or any other vessels!

hho for boats

All HHO Boat systems come in a box, which is rustproof!
However, we do not recommend self-installation!
All our HHO Boat systems have been fully automated for your convenience by Dynamic PWM.
We integrate hydrogen safety sensors for total security.
We provide full service – installation, monitoring, and results!
The only care for your operators is to add water to the system!

1. Save fuel up to 35%
2. Reduce emissions down to 78%
3. Reduce wearing
4. Prevents carbon build-up
5. Prevents Diesel Particulate filter clogging
6. Extend the lifespan of the engine
7. Saves money and time

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