HHO Kit HSL 1500 - Basic Kit


Suitable for engines from 125cc to 1400cc 

This HHO kit includes: 

Hydrox Systems HHO Generator made from 316 Stainless steel  1 pc.
with dimensions of the dry cell: 100mm. X 100mm. X 80mm. 
Stainless steel electrodes - 6  (4 neutral electrodes) 
Reservoir / tank with volume of 1.4 liter made from PP - 1 pc.
with availability for water level sensor in front

Plastic safety bubbler up to 8 bar pressure - 1 pc.
all the connectors in the kit are Push In model and 360 degree oriented and
thus provides you very easy installation

Top quality 4 meters of Polyamid 12 tube size 8X6 mm.  
Red 6 sq.mm. - 3.00 m
Black 6 sq.mm. - 1.00 
Blue 1.5 sq.mm. - 3.00 m
Fusible link (fuse and holder) - 25 amps
requires Dynamic PWM
Installation instruction and scheme we send only digitally

Product options

Add water level sensor:
Add Dynamic PWM 12 volts:
Price: €159.00
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Technical Data

Dimensions of the HHO cell: 100 mm x 100 mm x 80 mm - cell
Voltage: 12 - 14.4 VDC from vehicle
Material: steel INOX 316L SS
Configuration of the plates: - NNNN +
(+ positive, N-neutral, - negative)
Amperage: 3 to 30 Amp
Working surface: 350 sq. cm
Capacity: 0.6 liters gas per minute at 20 Amp
Required ratio of the electrolyte (water-KOH): 10%-20%

Package includes:
#HHO Dry cell -1 pc.
#HHO tank/reservoir 1.4 liter - 1 pc.
#HHO bubbler - 1 pc.
tubing - 4m.
Red  6 sq.mm. - 3.00 m
Black 6 sq.mm. - 2.00 m   
Blue 1.5 sq.mm. - 3.00 m
fuse and fuse holder - 30 amps -1pc.
Inlet gas connector - 1pc. 
All electrical connectors
Installation instruction + scheme
Instructions for use

HHO kit HSL 1500 is highly recommended HHO generator, serving the broadest range of vehicles up to 1.4 litres
engine size for petrol and diesel (Turbo charged engines and Common rail injection systems), CNG and LPG systems. Its extremely efficient design delivers the maximum possible Hydrogen output (limited only by laws of physics for now) at the lowest current consumption, operating temperature and cost available on the market. Our Dynamic PWM for diesel and petrol controls perfectly and fully automated your HHO generator, because it is saving energy from the alternator and your car battery. Dynamic PWM is not included in this kit, we recommend you to buy yours in section HHO Electronics or Product options.

The kit requires a control device such as Dynamic PWM for petrol or diesel engine, which is on the picture
Dynamic PWM is not included in the kit, but you can add it to your order via the Product options below !!!